Why Abhimanyu?

Abhimanyu is a character from the Mahabharata. He was the son of the great Pandava prince Arjuna and   his wife Subhadra and was known to be a great warrior, equal only to his father Arjuna. He was only 16 years old when on the 13th day of the Mahabharata he successfully intercepted the Chakravyuh war formation created by the Kaurava army and was martyred, after killing  hundreds of Kaurava soldiers. At the time of the Mahabharata war, besides Abhimanyu, only two people in the Pandava army knew the art of breaking into a Chakravyuh. They were Krishna and Arjuna. Both of them had been fighting away at a distant location. Had it not been for Abhimanyu’s skills and sacrifice on that day, the Pandava’s would have lost the battle of Mahabharata on the 13th day.

What is particularly interesting about Abhimanyu though is ‘how’ he obtained this knowledge of penetrating a Charavyuh formation. 16 years before the war, one night, Arjuna had been describing the process of breaking into a Chakravyuh to a pregnant Subhadra. It was then that Abhimanyu, still a foetus in his mother’s womb, had overheard this process of how to enter the extremely complex war formation. Thus Abhimanyu was born with the knowledge of how to penetrate a Chakravyuh.

The legal profession is like a Chakravyuh, complex and vast. It is our endeavour that, just like  Abhimanyu, law students graduating from various colleges must know how to enter the legal profession. They should understand what is the need of the profession and what is expected of them. There are scores of students across the country who choose law as a career though they do not come from a background in law. We would like to guide those students as they shape their careers.

Our intention is to act as an external placement cell that can guide students about the available career options and job opportunities as well as help them edit their resumes and cover letters while applying for internships and jobs. It would be our endeavour to help students keep in touch with what the approach must be as they try to shape their dream careers. Good guidance and training can help one navigate and sail through the process of transitioning from being a law student to becoming a successful legal professional.



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