Ms. Nandita Khurana

nandita khurana1

Ms. Nandita Khurana is the Zone Head Legal- Africa India Middle East as well as the Country Head- Government Relations & Public Affairs for India at Michelin Tyres.

She attended St. Stephen’s College (Delhi University) where she graduated with a Bachelor of English (Honours) degree in 1984. Subsequently she obtained a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University in 1987.

She began her career by working at the Supreme Court of India with a State standing counsel and thereafter with Ms. Rani Jethmalani & Mr. Ram Jethmalani which enabled her to practice criminal and civil law in various courts and to hone her legal skills. In 1994, with the momentous changes in regulations, she began working with law firms that dealt with cross border transactions, foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions etc. Subsequently, she began her own law practice.

In 2008, she joined Michelin Tyres (World leader in tyre manufacturing industry) as General Counsel, India. In addition to looking after India, she also oversaw Australia while based in Singapore. She returned to India with responsibilities encompassing all operations across India including the setting up of a state of the art Greenfield manufacturing facility.

She currently has regional and multi-jurisdictional responsibilities with Africa, India and Middle-East as her direct responsibility and heads up the Legal Department for this region. Strategy, risk management, compliance and contract management are the key elements of her job. In addition, she is also the Country Head- Government Relations & Public Affairs for India.

In her career of approximately 29 years in India and other countries, she has experienced myriad issues resulting from the peculiarities of the laws & cultural diversity of those countries that has enabled her to be a true global professional.


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