Wg Cdr Sivarama Krishna Prakash (Retd)


Wg Cdr Sivarama Krishna Prakash (Retd) is a Senior Corporate Counsel with Cisco Systems India Private Ltd.

He commenced his career with a short stint in Central Bank of India and then moved in to the Indian Airforce where he spent the first seven years in the Administrative Branch as an Air Traffic and Radar Controller. Thereafter he served in the Judge Advocate Department for another 16 years before taking premature retirement from the IAF in 2009 to join the Corporate World. While in the Indian Air Force Wg Cdr Prakash conducted more than 100 Courts Martial, handled more than 3500 litigations and was the first IAF Officer to undergo the prestigious Judge Advocate Course with the USAF at their Law School in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

His stint in the Corporate world has been equally exciting with legal department of two IT companies viz IBS Software Services Pvt Ltd from 2009 to 2011 and with Cisco since 2011, where along with being a Senior Corporate Counsel, he is also Resident Director of Cisco Commerce India Private Limited.


5 thoughts on “Wg Cdr Sivarama Krishna Prakash (Retd)

  1. Hi Prakash

    Immensely happy and proud to read the announcement. This is just another feather to your cap. Wishing you all the very best in your endeavor.


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