Ms. Pramita Sen

Pramita Sen

Pramita Sen is currently engaged as a Principal Consultant at Lex Witness – India’s 1st magazine on legal and corporate affairs. Pramita envisioned and is currently the Principal Consultant at the Lex Witness Strategic Counsel Desk, an invitation based initiative which caters to law firms who seek to create and improve their brand, undertake market activation strategies. The Strategic Counsel Desk aspires to provide a holistic framework for the firm’s positioning and business growth. She also supports Lex Witness in creating strategic partnerships with allied entities within the Indian and the global legal market. She writes a monthly column, Strategy Corridors, opining and providing advice to law firms and allied solution providers on branding, positioning and business development ideas. Before coming on board at Lex Witness, Pramita worked as an in-house Business Development Manager at a mid tier law firm, where her focus was primarily on international business development and firm’s strategic growth.

Born and raised in Kolkata, Pramita moved to the United States of America to pursue a B. Sc in Marketing. Besides being a scholarship student, Pramita excelled in extracurricular activities, including being the first international student to be elected the Student Body Vice President in the university’s Student Government. She also served as PR Officer for various student clubs in the university, as well as the Volunteer Network Coordinator and the Trade Officer for the State Trade Office.

Her passion is to travel, read and meet new people. An adept networker, Pramita hopes to add value to the Project Abhimanyu team to reach new heights!


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