Mr. Ashok Arora


Mr. Ashok Arora is a well-known lawyer based in New Delhi. He is the former Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association (India) and the author of a number of articles and books. He graduated from Hindu college & later studied law at Campus Law Centre, Delhi University. He has had a career of thirty eight years in the arena of litigation practice, teaching, motivation, personality development, stress management and communication skills.

He established a school for ‘training mind and soul’ because of his firm belief that all the problems in the world today are because of lack of training of mind & soul. And therefore it is important to train minds and souls. He has delivered hundreds of lectures for the benefit of students, teachers, parents, judges, army, police, doctors, corporate, professionals and foreign delegates on a wide range of subjects like blissful living, stress management, parenting, complete personality development, life/communication skills, leadership, matrimonial issues, human rights, corporate training, team building, criminal law, constitution etc. Ex-Law Minister of India, Mr. Ram Jethmalani named him Buddha of twenty-first century. He has also been called ‘A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari in the real sense’.


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