Ms. Adelene Nicola Martins


Adelene is presently employed as a Deputy General Manager Legal at Intelenet Global Services Private Limited. She is a graduate of the 5 year LLB (Hons) program. All her 11 odd years’ experience as in-house legal counsel have been with the same company with which she began her career.

She started off in the Legal and Company Secretarial team and was solely responsible for contract drafting and negotiation along with some Company Secretarial work. Eventually her profile changed to Company Secretarial work for foreign entity incorporation and management. She has drafted and reviewed treasury contracts which have been cross-jurisdictional, placed corporate insurances for the company and acquired Debt Collection, Telemarketing and Mortgage licenses in the USA. She is currently part of the Legal team of the organization, and other than managing a team that is responsible for contract drafting and negotiation, she devotes considerable time to the mergers and acquisitions in the company.

She has put in place several systems and methodologies, to streamline and improve the experience that Intelnet’s internal customers have with the legal team.  She is a member of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment investigations team and a Zonal Complaints
Committee with the organisation. She has also developed content for and delivers training sessions with the organization to familiarize internal customers with the process of legal review and acquaint them with basic legal terms.


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