Mr. Deepak Sabharwal

img_9366Mr. Deepak Sabharwal began his career in the year 1988 specializing in Labor Laws. He started his Civil-Litigation-Practice in the year 1993.

Over a period of almost 30 years of his legal vocation, he has been successfully advising Corporate Clients across the Globe and the firm has represented more than 125 Corporate Clients, including Fortune 500 companies, Multinational Corporations, Indian Private and Public Sector Corporates, Business houses, in various Courts in the Country.

Mr. Deepak Sabharwal at present leads the law firm ‘DSA’ which was started in the year 1967 by Mr. B. R. Sabharwal as a Delhi based firm and thereafter in the year 2001 Mr. Sabharwal took over as the Managing Partner of the firm.  Under his leadership,  the firm grew from a boutique Law Firm at Delhi to a full-service Law Firm & established Offices all over India.

Mr. Deepak Sabharwal’s philosophy is, ‘Keep Moving; Take Baby-Steps Or Leaps But Keep Moving With Determination, Make Mistakes, Take Risks, Either You Fail Or You Win, But In Both You Learn And Rise, So Never Quit. Keep Moving, Keep Discovering Yourself And Carving Your Own Niche, Keep Moving No Matter What Till It Happens’.


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